Warning to drivers in Norway: Prepare for snow and slippery roads in the days ahead

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Southern Norway may continue to see nice weather until next week, but drivers must prepare for snow and slippery roads in several parts of the country.

“We could issue warnings to make people aware that there may be snow in places where there has not been as much snow yet this year,” state meteorologist Marit Berger at the Meteorological Institute warned.

This applies to Northern Norway in the next few days, but it can also be cold in some places further south this weekend.

Wintery in the north

Northern Norway will experience more wind and precipitation this weekend.

“It is getting cooler in Northern Norway now. During the weekend and maybe next week, there will be more winter conditions,” the meteorologist noted. 

“It’s okay if you switched to winter tires,” she emphasized.

Windy and cloudy in Trøndelag 

This week, Trøndelag will have onshore winds with more clouds. Rain showers are possible, especially in the outer areas. 

“But the temperatures will not be quite as low as in Northern Norway… Night frost will not be a problem. Clouds are also expected,” Berger pointed out.

Many parts of Southern Norway have had lovely weather for several days. 

This will continue for a while, but the weather will worsen by the weekend and into next week.

“There may be a change in the weather after the weekend. Precipitation will first occur in Southern Norway, while good weather will last the longest in Eastern Norway,” the meteorologist noted.

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