Norway’s public transport routes to be collected on one app

Oslo Central StationOslo Central Station.Photo: Norway Today Media

In the autumn, the app, which has been named the ‘National Travel Planner’, will be launched by the government’s new ticket company, Entur.


By downloading the app, you will be able to purchase tickets for bus, train, subway, tram and ferry travel within Norway. You will also receive information about delays, and relocation of stops, reported Aftenposten newspaper.

The app will be launched on November the 2nd, but Entur’s Marketing Director, Annette Skaarnæs, said the opportunity to buy tickets for routes outside the Ruters’ area would have to wait.

‘We will build this up step by step, and plan to offer far better deals in 2018. Along the way, the different companies need to decide if they want to sell tickets through us,’ said Skaarnæs to Aftenposten.

Skaarnæs emphasised that the app’s possibilities have grown sharply since June 2015, when the government stated that they’d start work on a new electronic portal.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today