Norwegian fighters followed Russian bombers at Tromsø

Norwegian F-16Norwegian F-16.Photo: Henrik Skolt / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Defense forces confirmed that on Wednesday, Norwegian F-16 fighters identified and followed Russian bombers northwest of Tromsø, reported newspaper.


‘With regard to identification, an ID verification has been completed this week. On Wednesday, two F-16s from Bodø took off and identified Russian bombers northwest of Tromsø,’ said Lieutenant Ivar Moen of the Armed Forces Operational Headquarters (FOH) to the press.

He says the identification of the Russian planes occurred in international airspace.
According to other sources, the aircraft were involved in a comprehensive test of Russia’s so-called nuclear triad – launch platforms for land, sea and air missiles.

The news agency, Interfax, reported that six long-range bombers of the types Tupolev TU-95, and TU-22m3, practiced attacks on nuclear bases. According to, the National Security Council of Ukraine informed the agency that the exercise would take place over the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Baltic Sea.

American F-15 fighters were also scrambled to identify the Russian bombers.

Ivar Moen wouldn’t comment on the intercontinental missiles with a capability from land, the nuclear fleet’s nuclear submarines, and from the battleship ‘Pjotr Veliky’.

He said it is well known that Russia have the capabilities described, and that it was natural that exercises were conducted.



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