Norwegian government wants to raise working age limit for state employees from 70 to 72 years

Henrik AsheimPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Today, the age limit for state employees is 70 years. The government now proposes to raise this age limit to 72 years.

The proposal will be sent out for consultation with February 28 as the deadline, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs stated in a press release.

An increased age limit would give the state a better opportunity to retain experienced labor and cutting-edge skills, the report noted.

“It is necessary that more people work longer to ensure the sustainability of the welfare state. 

“We also know that many older people want to work longer than they have the opportunity to do today, and by raising the age limit to 72, more people will have this opportunity,” Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Henrik Asheim (H) said.

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5 Comments on "Norwegian government wants to raise working age limit for state employees from 70 to 72 years"

  1. Interesting thing is that the team which is suggesting this comprises of the people between 35 to 45 years of age. No one more than 65 is in favor of this suggestion.

  2. So people will not have a retirement to enjoy.
    This is work till you drop (die)

  3. Berhane Haile | 4. December 2020 at 09:21 | Reply

    Hi Anna, it is only if for those who want, after all Norway is a democratic country. If I want I can work if not enjoy my time.

  4. Anyimaadu Kwame Atta | 4. December 2020 at 19:05 | Reply

    Hi it’s good idea if you have 72 years and you are working it can help your strength.

  5. I don’t think this is a good idea. They should instead lower the retirement age to 60 and suggest that those who want to work to 67 can do so at their own free will. I am thinking about young people and their chances of getting jobs. If people are allowed to work too long the young ones lose the opportunity of getting jobs. Another thing is that some jobs especially in the health sector are heavy jobs and thus most people in those professions are very tired by the time they are 60yrs and thus should be allowed to retire early. Let people enjoy their pension age while still active

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