Norwegian police will enforce corona rules in churches

Nidaros CathedralPhoto: Ned Alley / NTB

The Norwegian police can check whether the churches comply with the corona restriction of having a maximum of 50 people per event – if they receive tips or suspect violations.

“We expect that the churches and religious communities also want to contribute to reduced infection in the population and follow the infection control rules that apply. 

“The police enforce these rules in religious communities and among others. The violation of rules on the number of participants will lead to being reported and prosecuted,” Lars Aune of the Police Directorate told newspaper Vårt Land.

Each police district must assess the need for random checks, he added.

“It is not possible for the police to control all events that take place. But if we get tips or suspect violations of the rules, we could carry out controls,” he noted. 

New measures

Last week, the government introduced new measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

There can be up to 200 people at indoor events, provided that everyone in the audience sits in fixed seats. 

Church pews, on the other hand, are not considered fixed seats, the authorities concluded on Friday, to large protests from the churches.

The number of participants in services and events in churches is thus limited to a maximum of 50.

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