Norwegian weather conditions could delay corona vaccine transport

E6 - SaltfjelletPhoto: Statens vegvesen / NTB

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) is concerned that unstable weather and driving conditions could lead to challenges for transporting the corona vaccine to Norwegian municipalities.

Geir Bukholm, Director of Infection Control at FHI, assured Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the vaccines will reach all municipalities. 

However, Bukholm admitted that the logistics are challenging due to the vaccine’s short shelf life.

The vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech has a shelf life of only five days after dispatch from the warehouses in the districts, where the vaccine is stored at minus 70 degrees. 

For security reasons, it is not publicly known where the warehouses are or how many there are.

“Should it become necessary to postpone transport due to weather conditions, the vaccines will remain stored safely in the decentralized warehouses,” Bukholm noted.

Transport challenges

The E6 over Saltfjellet between Mo i Rana and Bodø is particularly challenging. 

“This will be the most demanding mass vaccination ever,” municipal chief physician Frode Berg in Rana noted.

Rana Municipality is waiting for its first delivery of 115 vaccine doses.

“A small winter storm is enough to make the deliveries a mess. We understand that this can be demanding,” Berg said.

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