Norwegians’ digital use skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Far more Norwegians said they use digital services today than before the pandemic. The increase can be permanent.

“First and foremost, Covid-19 is a humanitarian crisis and many people affected. At the same time, the special situation with quarantine and isolation has forced people to solve daily tasks, such as shopping for food or going to the bank, in new ways. The closure of society has been a kind of time machine for digital-user habits,” said Theodor Vendrig, digital expert at the consulting firm McKinsey in Norway.

The company has conducted surveys in 18 European countries – including Norway – on how people’s digital habits have changed during the Coronavirus outbreak.

92 percent of the 1,200 people surveyed in Norway stated that they use digital services today, compared to 78 percent before the corona eruption.

Elderly people online
The increase applies across industries and across age groups.

The largest increase among the industries has been in online grocery and entertainment, with between 50 and 60 per cent. Online banking has increased by 40 percent.

The increase in digital usage is greatest among the elderly. Those over 65 say they use digital services for 50 percent more industries than before the pandemic.

May be permanent
At the same time, about 80 percent of first-time users say they want to maintain their digital habits after society opens again.

“The figures show that the digital shift that everyone is talking about is really here – across all industries, population and age groups. What has happened during the Coronavirus outbreak is a fundamental change in how we live and the numbers indicate that this is not just a temporary change but a lasting change. It’s a new normal,” said Vendrig.

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