Norwegians with a cabin in Sweden are suing the state to end the quarantine obligation

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About 1,000 Norwegians with a cabin in Sweden are suing the state to end the quarantine obligation.

The cabin owners demand to be allowed to travel to the cabin without having to be quarantined afterward.

The information was revealed by the law firm Andersen & Bache-Wiig, which represents the plaintiffs.

“The group demands that travel and accommodation in their leisure property in Sweden be allowed without a quarantine obligation. It considers that using own transport together with no close contacts in Sweden is a sufficient and proportionate infection control measure,” a press release notes. 

Temporary injunction

The plaintiffs believe that the quarantine obligation for accommodation must be set aside as invalid.

It also requests a temporary injunction.

“We ask for urgent action because it is important to take care of the legal security considerations of this group, which is exposed to fairly large, disproportionate interventions,” Lina Kliukaite Smorr, one of the lawyers representing the group, told news bureau NTB.

In the first instance, the goal is only to change the rules, she states. 

The plaintiffs have not asked for compensation.

Close contacts

In the press release, Andersen & Bache-Wiig write that the quarantine obligation – for most people – in practice entails a ban on staying overnight, maintaining and using their own leisure property.

“This is perceived as a strong encroachment on fundamental rights, with major negative consequences,” the press release warns.

“We have requested a justification for the intervention measures. We have not received that after a long period, and a lawsuit was filed today,” Smorr told NTB.

She points out that the vast majority of people drive their own car to their leisure property in Sweden and that it is therefore entirely possible to avoid close contact with others.

“So you are not exposed to infection. Neither on the way to the leisure property nor during the stay there,” Smorr added.

November measures

In November, the government decided that the quarantine obligation for cottage owners in Sweden should be continued.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the National Institute of Public Health originally recommended the government to relax the requirements but withdrew the recommendation when the infection increased sharply in several European countries.

“On the basis of updated guidelines, we’re continuing the quarantine requirements for cottage owners in Sweden. 

“We’re closely monitoring the development of infection and will make a new assessment when the infection situation so requires,” Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie (H) said at the time.

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