One in three not aware they have diabetes


One in three who have type 2 diabetes is likely not to be diagnosed, according to the National Institute of Public Health.


“This is very dangerous because the body is slowly being damaged by elevated blood sugar and insulin deficiency,” says General Secretary Bjørnar Allgot in Diabetes Association to VG.

According to the newspaper, about 245,000 Norwegians have diabetes. Of these, it is estimated that about 28,000 have type 1 and 216,000 have type 2. Type 2 being the difficult one to detect.

– “Some may not get diagnosed before they develop complications with either their eyes, kidneys, feet, hearts and blood vessels. It’s very stupid. Once you have had type 2 diabetes complications, you can rarely reverse it,” says Allgot.

However, according to the Secretary-General, the numbers may be on their way up, as it has become easier to diagnose Type 2 diabetes with a simple blood test that measures long-term blood sugar.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today