Over 600,000 had downloaded the infection app by Thursday evening

appFHI new app «Smittestopp»: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Slightly more than 600,000 people had downloaded the infection app within a few hours on Thursday, reports the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) to Dagbladet.

Project manager Gun Peggy Knudsen of FHI also confirms to the newspaper that there have been some problems with logging in.

“We see that some people have some login problems, but most people get through,” says Knudsen.

The new infection tracking app was developed by the research institute Simula and FHI, and was launched at the daily press conference on the corona situation on Thursday afternoon.

The app collects so-called proximity data and location data. It will help Norwegian municipalities with infection detection and can notify the user of the app if he or she has been near people infected by the coronavirus.

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2 Comments on "Over 600,000 had downloaded the infection app by Thursday evening"

  1. Maybe because I am in a senior age bracket, I don’t have the tech capability of using this. (My free little print-and-play boardgame/brettspill German Eagle vs. Russian Bear was adapted by a friend into being a free Google app, but I’ve never been able to play it! :-/ )

    This CAN help, but a person who is known to be infected shouldn’t be out in public anyway – this is intended to track them to make sure they aren’t, and it can be used to retrospectively track them, to find out who has been exposed to them, and that is good – BUT the MAIN problem remains that most people don’t find out they are infected (and contagious) for up to 14 days, and in that time MANY others will have been exposed … to be sent into quarantine, presumably.

    So like testing, this is still ultimately AFTER THE FACT (of being infected) – not directly PREVENTION like everyone facemasking (for each other) is.

  2. I am 68 and must go to get groceries, medicine, and see doctors. I’d love to have this app to tell me when I’m near an infected person. Kudos to Norway for having this app and the data to back it up.

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