Pfizer reduces corona vaccine deliveries to Norway

Geir BukholmPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer will reduce vaccine deliveries to Norway and Europe from next week, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) stated.

Pfizer delivers the vaccine that Norway has started to vaccinate the population with.

“For Norway, this means in the first instance that we will receive 7,800 fewer doses in week three than what Pfizer had previously reported,” FHI’s director of infection control Geir Bukholm noted.

The reduction is due to an upcoming upgrade of Pfizer’s production capacity.

According to Norway’s forecasts, the country was expecting 43,875 vaccine doses from Pfizer next week.

Now, it looks set to receive 36,075 doses.

Emergency vaccine stock to be used

“Now, we have the opportunity to cover this reduction in deliveries from the emergency stock we have in Norway,” Bukholm said.

“The stock we now have will be able to compensate for a reduction in the planned deliveries for a few weeks ahead if there is a need for that.”

The reason for the pharmaceutical giant’s reduction is an upgrade in production capacity.

Once the upgrade is completed, the company will be able to increase its production of the vaccines from the current 1.3 billion to 2 billion doses per week, according to the FHI.

The temporary reduction will affect all European countries, and it is not yet clear when Pfizer will reach maximum production capacity again.

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