Police believe organized criminals are behind the shooting in Oslo

BjørndalOslo. A person is shot at Bjørndal in Oslo.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

The shooting in Bjørndal and at Lambertseter in Oslo night to Monday was probably a settlement of a dispute in the criminal environment in the capital, the police believe.

A man was found shot and critically injured in a garage facility in Seterbråtveien on Bjørndal in Oslo on Monday morning. Nobody has been  arrested after shooting. The police received a message at 6.09 am.

A few hours before, several people shot at each other on the open street at Lambertseter, a few kilometers away. The police say they take into account that there is a connection between the cases.

“We think this is a settlement in the criminal environment,” said police inspector Grete Lien Metlid, head of intelligence and investigation at the Oslo police district, at a press conference in Oslo on Monday afternoon.

She says the police have put in large resources for investigating the two cases.

Injuries and violence
“The man found in the garage had injuries consistent with being shot and possibly other violence,” said leader Brian Skotnes to NTB on Monday.

According to Skotnes, the man who was shot had foreign credentials. The police believe he is a resident in the area, but he is not identified.

The man is still hospitalized this afternoon and his condition is serious and critical although stable, according to police.

Metlid says the most important thing now is to get clarity about who the man is.

– It is an adult man. We do not know what he did in the garage or who he is , but hwe have got a few  pointers, says Metlid.

“We have  also investigated a car found on site and this is central to the further investigation work.

The man received life-saving first aid before being taken to Ullevål Hospital. The police do not think he had been lying there for long when he was found shortly after six o’clock.

Major police forces moved Monday into the neighborhood south of Oslo, and a large area has coedoned off. A police helicopter was also sent to the area.

Shooting on open street
Earlier during night to Monday, three people were arrested after the shooting at Lambertseter in Oslo, a few kilometers north of Bjørndal.

“It is natural to think that there may be a connection between the episodes, but we will investigate widely,” says Skotnes.

No one was injured in this incident when the police reported it about 20 minutes after midnight. According to police, two people shot at each other, but without hitting.

The three arrested were found in a car in the Old Town, and weapons were found in the car. All three are currently charged with violations of the weapons act.

– People in the neighborhood heard shooting and called the police. Thanks to witness observations, we could stop a car in the Old Town later in the night. There were three people in the car and weapons were found. Both the car and the weapons have been seized, says Metlid.

The police is appealing for information about people and cars seen in the area.


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