Police investigate further the triple deaths in Oslo community

Alfaset ChapelOslo.Alfaset Chapel. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The police in Oslo have begun investigating whether the three women found dead in an apartment in Romsås last autumn received proper health care.


They are conducting their own investigations to find out if anyone in that sector should be penalized for lack of follow-up in health services for these women who are believed to have starved to death in the same apartment in Romsås after long-term isolation, writes Filter News.

“The police have initiated investigations to find out if the women received proper health care in accordance with the Health Care Act,” says police officer Erik Dieset in Oslo Police District.

The decision to investigate possible inadequate or incorrect treatment from health services came after the police recently consulted the county health department.

“Because of the nature of the matter, we have recommended that the police investigate whether it is a criminal law matter,” says county doctor Jan Petter Odden.


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