Policeman may lose his job after sex allegations

Haugaland District CourtHaugaland District Court.Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / Scanpix

A policeman in his 40’s in Western Norway is accused of having abused his position to obtain sexual relations with several women.

In addition, the experienced policeman is charged with offensive behaviour towards two other women.

A woman from Karmøy was reporting a stolen car trailer. Later the same day, the policeman sent her 70 text messages with offers for massages, writes Haugesunds Avis.

In the numerous text messages he urged the woman to send him a picture of herself, “so he could enjoy a little,” as it appears in the indictment from the Bureau.

The day after, he visited the woman at home, where according to the indictment, they allegedly had sex.

In addition, he made a pass towards a widow who came to Norway to collect the urn to her deceased spouse.

He is also accused of having sent several text messages to a police student with intimate questions.

During the investigation the policeman plead not guilty to all charges, but he admitted having had sexual relations with the women who reported him.

The policeman was arrested and detained in August 2015 and detained for nearly three weeks. He is also suspended from his position and risks being deprived of the right to work in the police department. The trial starts in Haugaland District Court Monday.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today