Sandberg considers denial of entry for preachers of hate

Per Sandberg Asylum SeekersMinister of Fisheries Per Sandberg (Progress Party).Photo:

Wants ban on preachers of hate

The Ministry of Justice is considering denying so-called preachers of hate entry to the country just as the Danes have done, says Per Sandberg (Progress Party) to Vårt Land.

– We can not be naive in the face of these dark forces who want us all pain, Sandberg, Acting Minister of Immigration and Integration, writes in an email to the newspaper.

He has noted that the Danish authorities this week have introduced travel bans for six religious preachers referred to as being ‘preachers of hate’.

The reason for the prohibition of entry is the interests of public order, according to the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration. This was stated in a press release on Tuesday.

– We must take heed to that people are coming here who want to radicalize the people who are here and who make use of our free society to preach hatred to our values. It must be expected that a minimum of Norwegian and Western values are accepted as a basis, including for religious communities in Norway, writes Sandberg.

The issue was highlighted last year after it salafistiske organization Islam Net invited several controversial preachers to their annual conference. The Ministry then announced that they would review the regulations for residence permits for imams, religious leaders and ministers. After this Islam Net ceased to publish the names of the preachers they invite to their conferences.

In the government’s asylum and integration settlement of 2015, the majority agreed on a wording that revealed that religious leaders who “weaken integration” should not be granted residence permits


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today