Increased preparedness against forest fires

Helicopter dropping water during forest fire. Photo:

Increased preparedness against forest fires in southern Norway

The warm and dry period, with high temperatures and little rainfall, in late May and June means that the preparedness against forest fires is increased in southern Norway.


The heat and drought has led to an easily flammable vegetation, even though there has been some rain in most places, reports the Directorate for Safety and Emergency (DSB).

– The rain that has fallen is not enough to nullify the hazard of forest fires. Now it is reported about dry and warm weather in southern Norway. For those areas that have experienced little rain, the hazard of forest fires is high once more, some places even at level red, says head of DSB, Hans Kristian Madsen.

Five forest fire helicopters are on duty this weekend – two at Torp, two at Kjeller and one at Værnes. A Super Puma helicopter will also be at hand at Torp until July 8th at least.

The Super Puma is capable of carrying a bucket that holds 3,000 litres of water that it can drop on a fire in one shot. This means that DSB can offer significantly improved preparedness in the event of forest fires.

It is generally prohibited to light bonfires,  barbeques and the like in forests and outlying fields during the period from April 15th to September 15th.

Assistance from the Norwegian State

The Norwegian state has several schemes involving resources to support municipalities that are affected by forest fires.

This includes

  • Forest fire helicopters in preparedness in the period from medio April to medio August
  • A mandatory management support scheme that is automatically alerted when a fire chief requests assistance from forest fire helicopter
  • Support from the Civil Defense (National Guard)

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