Queue but not chaos in the Oslo Traffic

Brynstunnelen In Oslo.Brynstunnelen In Oslo.Photo: Henrik Skolt / NTB scanpix
NPRA feared large queues on highway Ring 3 Monday morning due to the closure of Bryn tunnel in Oslo, but the traffic flows smoothly on the  site.
Just before 8 am there are queues  on Ring 3, but the traffic is not at a standstill.
On a normal day 70,000 cars are passing through the tunnel. It has already been closed for a week, but since Oslo’s inhabitants had their winter holiday last week, it was assumed that the traffic would increase sharply on Monday morning.
To remedy some of the capacity problems, the Road Administration opened 900 temporary parking spaces outside the city to entice people to leave their car. 400 of the  parking spaces were at Tusenfryd, 100  at Vinterbro, 300 at the plantation at Hvam and 100 of the parking spaces were on Olavsgård. The buses of Ruter will also travel through these areas more frequently.
A total of ten tunnels in the capital will be upgraded over the next four years. The closure of Smestad tunnel last year went quite smoothly, but the Bryn tunnel has more thoroughfare traffic and 35 percent more traffic.
Source.NTB scanpix / Norway Today