Record high number of rapes in Bergen and Oslo

Record high number of rapesRecord high number of rapes.Photo:

175 women, girls and men sought out rape clinics in Bergen last year, 14% more than the year before. Also in the capital city of Oslo there is a new dismal record.

The clinic for abuse at the urgent care (legevakt) in Oslo has experienced an 18% increase, which is a new record from the 440 patients in 2015 compared to 520 patients in 2016. Bergens Tidende has obtained the preliminary figures from the rape clinics.

In Bergen, the majority of patients coming in are between the ages of 15 and 29 years old.

– It’s quite a solid record and a significant increase, says Chairman and Chief Doctor Eivind Damsgaard.

He says to the newspaper that he hopes the increase is due to persons choosing to come in, rather than being an actual increase in rape cases.

– Perhaps the focus on violence in the media, through such things as the Hemsedal case and the NRK series “Skam” (Shame), are helping to lower the threshold.

Damsgaard is concerned about the growing proportion of victims who do not remember anything.

Of those who came to the clinic for abuse last year, he says that over 40% said they remember little or nothing.

– I can’t say why more patients remember poorly. We do not have statistics for intoxication, and the trauma itself can also cause memory problems, says Damsgaard.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Bernie Grant | 1. January 2019 at 22:44 |

    Failure of journalists to distinguish who the perpetrators are is also irresponsible, but we know that “political correctness” prevents them from identifying their origins, but with the arrival of so many new people into Norway who come from places where women are not held in esteem,
    it’s not that hard to figure out who they are now is it.

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