Report provides a green light for some quick tests

Corona testingCorona testing.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

A study of 11 different rapid tests shows that some of them are suitable for detecting whether people have been infected with the Coronavirus.

The virus tests use a blood test and they give an answer within 10-15 minutes whether you have had the Coronavirus infection or not. Three quick tests, two American and one Chinese stand out positively in the study writes Aftenposten.

– “If these tests are used correctly, we think they can be good and a possible supplement to today’s test methods. For example, a quick test can be useful if you are wondering if the cold you had last winter was Covid-19 or not,” says chief medical officer Mette C. Tollånes at Noklus.

She emphasizes that none of the tests are perfect and cannot rule out the Coronavirus for sure.

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