Researchers in Trondheim have developed a new Corona test in record time

Corona test centerOslo.Corona test center.Ullevål hospital : Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Researchers at NTNU and St. Olav’s Hospital have developed a test in less than a week that can quickly and safely detect Corona infection.

Thus, the hospital in Trøndelag no longer has to be concerned about running out of test equipment that can detect Corona infection, NRK reports.

“We are using this from today to deliver test results,” says director of St. Olav’s hospital, Tom Christian Martinsen.

They have already used the test for a week on 96 Corona patients and have confirmed that it works.

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU, Magnar Bjørås, had not thought they could do this so quickly, and praise those who have worked day and night.

Researchers at NTNU’s Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine and the Department of Chemical Process Technology have developed the method in collaboration with St. Olav’s hospital.

– What has been the problem for the diagnostics, not only in Trondheim, but throughout the country, is that there has not been enough extraction kits to isolate the virus and the virus’s inherit qualities, RNA. The suppliers have run out. Now we are only at the beginning of the pandemic, so if we make our own test method we don’t depend on the commercial players, says Professor Magnar Bjørås at the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine to the University newspaper.

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  1. WOW! Well done all around. 🙂

    Both my children over here were born at St. Olavs.

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