Russia: Our soldiers are returning to their bases

Russian militaryPhoto: Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP, File

The Russian government says it has begun relocating some of its forces, which have been deployed near Ukraine. The soldiers will return to their bases.

The relevant military units have now “completed their tasks,” a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense stated on Tuesday.

“We have always said that the forces would return to their permanent bases when the exercises are over. There is nothing new here. This is an ordinary process,” Vladimir Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said.

He added that Russia would continue to move military forces within its own territory as needed.

High-risk situation

Large Russian forces near the Ukrainian border have been interpreted by the United States and other Western countries as invasion preparations. Over the past week, the United States has repeatedly claimed that an invasion could be just around the corner.

Russian authorities have repeatedly denied this and said that the deployed soldiers are to participate in military exercises.

A number of analysts have interpreted the force build-up as a Russian attempt to push through security policy demands directed at the United States and NATO.

The statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense states that units from several military districts have begun loading equipment on trains and vehicles. 

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