Sanner rejects threat of Nordic co-operation

Minister of Finance Jan Tore SannerMinister of Finance Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative Party).Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

Nordic Minister, Jan Tore Sanner (Minister of Finance in Norway), says that Sweden must lower the infection levels before the border can be reopened. He believes that the Nordic co-operation can emerge stronger from the current crisis. 

In an interview with the news agency, TT, the Swedish Nordic Minister, Anna Hallberg, said that she is concerned about Nordic co-operation in the wake of the Corona crisis and the closed borders. 

How the pandemic will be handled could leave a lasting trace, she warns.

The Minister of Finance, Jan Tore Sanner(H), who is also the Minister of Nordic Co-operation in Norway, believes that the closed borders are necessary to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

So far, the government has only been open to travels to and from three regions of southern Sweden. 

-” Sweden has chosen a different strategy than Norway and has had more extensive outbreaks of Corona than we had. As Sweden reduces the spread of the infection, then we will be able to open the borders for the rest of Sweden as well.” Said Sanner in a written statement to NTB. 

He says that he both understands and respects the decisions made by the different countries. 

-” We accept the need to evaluate and learn when the crisis is over. I believe that the Nordic region and the Nordic co-operation will emerge stronger from the crisis.”, he says. 

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  1. OBVIOUSLY, Norway is “anti-Nordic,” if it doesn’t allow the Swedes to come across the border and – to? – (even more stupidly) spread the(ir) coronavirus *here*. :-/ 🙂

    TUSEN TAKK Jan Tore Sanner og Høyre for protecting us!

    (Was my brain *damaged* by getting my B.A. in Philosophy from my hometown (Rock Island Illinois) Swedish-Lutheran Augustana College? ?? 😮 🙂

    GOOD people *there*, actually, and Swedish producer-director Jan Troell did much of his research in Augustana’s library where I was a student assistant, for his 2 excellent films – starring Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow – about Swedish (aka Nordic/Scandinavian) immigrants to America.)

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