Sentenced for having run off with his mother

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Man sentenced for having run off with his mother from a nursing home in Tromsø

A man in his fifties has been sentenced to prison after he ran off with his 90 year old mother from a nursing home in Tromsø.


The incident happened in Tromso when the man brought his 90 year old mother of a nursing home in Tromsø, because he believed that she did not have it good there, NRK reports.

The man did not alert the unit manager at the nursing home. Shortly thereafter, the police were notified that the woman was gone. They followed after the man who refused to stop – even when the police put a nail mat in his path.

A lane on the Tromsø bridge was also closed in an attempt to stop the man, but he swung out in the opposite lane and bypassed the queue. Only when the man drove into a residential area, the police managed to stop him. A Police officer broke the window of his car in an atempt to control the man. He swung away as he backed away and drove over both feet of one of the officers in the process.

50 days imprisonment and loss of licence

The man is sentenced to 50 days imprisonment for violation of the Road Traffic Act in North Troms District Court and has been deprived of his driver’s license for 15 months. He denies culpability and believes he was in his right to bring his own mother home without police interference. He believes the mother was very ill at the nursing home and that she was forced to be there against her own will.


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