Several municipalities around Oslo to introduce mandatory face mask use

Face masks in transportPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Several neighboring municipalities are following in Oslo’s footsteps and will introduce mandatory use of face maks in public transport.

The use of a face mask is obligatory when it is not possible to keep one meter of distance from others. 

The decree was introduced in Oslo on Monday as one of four new measures to curb the coronavirus. 

On the same day, Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) asked Oslo’s 19 neighboring municipalities to coordinate their infection control measures with the capital’s measures.

Ten municipality to follow suit?

According to newspaper VG, at least ten of them are now looking to introduce the same face maks rule.

Lillestrøm is among them.

The final decision will be made tomorrow, mayor Jørgen Vik (AP) told news bureau NTB.

Politicians in Nesodden are also looking into similar measures. 

“We have assessed that business trips to Oslo represent the greatest potential for increased infection in Nesodden. Therefore, we have been clear that we want mandatory use of face masks,” mayor Truls Wickholm (AP) told newspaper Dagbladet.

In Bærum, no decisions have been made so far.

“Avoid traveling to Oslo”

Hole municipality has decided to recommend the use of face masks, but will not make it mandatory, according to VG.

In Lunner municipality, the municipal management is now considering advising its residents against travel to Oslo if it is not strictly necessary.

“We are prepared to issue a warning to our citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to Oslo. We will have a meeting in the municipality today, and I will encourage that,” mayor Harald Tyrdal told Dagbladet.

Following Oslo – partially

In addition to the mandatory use of face masks, Oslo has also introduced a requirement for restaurants to register guests, a temporary ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without fixed seats, among other measures.

Lillestrøm and several other municipalities said they would follow in Oslo’s footsteps when it comes to the ban on gatherings.

However, Lillestrøm will not yet order restaurants and pubs to register guests. The municipality will first have a dialogue with the industry.

“So far, we have not had outbreaks as a result of visits to cafes and pubs in Lillestrøm,” Vik pointed out.

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