Solberg asks EU to stamp down on labour crime

Erna SolbergPrime Minister, Erna Solberg.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten/ NTB Scanpix Foto: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

Prime Minister, Erna Solberg of Høyre (H), wants joint European cooperation against labour crime and social dumping. LO asked her to take a new grip at home too.


‘We want enhanced cooperation in Europe to prevent the free flow of labour from ending up in exploitation of workers. It is in the EU’s common interest that we find better measures,’ said Solberg to NTB news agency.

She will present the Norwegian initiative at the EU’s Labour Policy Summit in Göteborg in Sweden on the 17th of November. Closer cooperation between the countries’ supervisory authorities, stricter ID controls, and improved information flow are among the measures that will be presented.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister, LO and NHO met for talks on the matter.

‘It’s a very positive initiative, but closer European cooperation is not enough in itself,’ said Hans Christian Gabrielsen, chairman of LO. He called for stronger laws at home and requested increased funding for the Labour Inspection and Petroleum Safety Authority, and funds for several centres against employment crime.

‘In addition, we need to make more use of the scope of action provided by the EEA Agreement. We are waiting for the government’s proposals for tightening rules in the staffing industry, and demand that something is done, especially in the construction industry in Eastern Norway, he said.

‘The problem in this context is to follow up on those who don’t comply with laws and regulations that we already have,’ said Solberg.


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