Solberg and Merkel talked about their government problems

Solberg and MerkelBerlin, Germany 20181016. Prime Minister Erna Solberg met on Tuesday Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin..Photo: Johan Falnes / NTB scanpix

They both risk being ousted before Christmas. Erna Solberg and Angela Merkel did not escape their political difficulties at home when they met in Berlin.

The Threat to Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s minority government in Norway is not nearly as well known abroad as threats to Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s major coalition in Germany. But the German Prime Minister had taken a look at the situation in Norway, says Solberg after meeting Merkel for lunch in Berlin on Tuesday.

The two updated each other about their situations at home, she says.

– There is a big difference. Germany is a completely different country. But they have some coalition challenges and we have some coalition challenges. It is, by and large, something we have in common, “says Solberg to NTB.

Kate Hansen Bundt, a Dermany expert and Secretary-General of the Atlantic Committee, points out the similarities between the two: Both are conservative leaders in countries with a good economy and low unemployment.

“And both risk having to go before Christmas,” says Bundt.

In Norway, the KrF’s roadmap is at the core of the threat. KrF is considering changing their  allegiance and cooperate with Venstre at the left instead.

Merkel, on the other hand, risks losing support from the Social Democratic coalition partner SPD, who is increasingly discussing whether the party should instead go to opposition.

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