Strong increase of cases of children raping other children

children violence alarms three-year-oldViolence against children. Illustration Photo:

The number of reported rapes of children by other children has increased sharply, according to a National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) report that NRK news has been granted access to.


NRK reported that children as young as 8 years of age were reported in 2016 for raping other children.

According to the Kripos report, 60% more rapes of children by other children were reported in 2016 than had been the average between 2012 to 2016.

In recent years, the number of reports of rapes of children under the age of 14 has risen sharply, from 248 cases reported in 2015, to 383 in 2016.

‘Such a large increase in the number of cases from one year to another is surprising,’ said the police chief commissioner, John-Filip Lundhaug Strandmoen, who was involved in designing the report.

In compiling the report, Kripos had gone through 225 rape cases where minors raped other children under the age of 14. Most of those reported were boys, and a large proportion of them were under the criminal age of 15 years.

In 33% of the cases, the person was reported for raping an acquaintance, and in 20% of cases, the reported rape had taken place at a party.


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