Survey: Most Norwegians think the corona measures are not too strict

Erna Solberg face maskPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

According to 68% of respondents in a recent poll, the new and strict corona measures in Norway are not too strict. 

In the Norwegian Corona Monitor survey by Opinion, almost seven out of ten Norwegians answered that they do not believe that the authorities’ guidelines to limit corona infection are too strict.

A total of 68% answered that the measures are not too strict, while 22% disagreed. 

The proportion of those who think the measures are too strict has increased by 2% since December and is 4% above the average for the entire pandemic period.

A majority (56%) answered that they disagree that the strain on the Norwegian people has become too great for the authorities’ measures to limit corona infection to be justified. 

Only 19% of Norwegians believe the strain is too great. 

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Survey: Most Norwegians think the corona measures are not too strict"

  1. They certainly aren’t “too strict.” On the bus between Flateby and Lillestrøm there are always 3 or 4 people not wearing facemasks … and they are the SAME PEOPLE. They probably think it’s cool to flout the (inherently weak) government “recommendations.”

    There must be ENFORCEMENT. COVID is an *airborne* killer. We have always known this, and – contrary to the “experts” – there has always been information out there. There is the 2013 Cambridge study conceding homemade masks can help against airborne diseases and the 9 March 2020 South China Morning Post “Coronavirus can travel twice as far as offical “safe distance” article which I immediately discovered when I began Internet-searching COVID – warning us that facemasks were vital and did help protect people from *getting* the virus as well as help keep it from spreading from the many who might not know they had it for up to 10 days.

    This has never been rocket science, and I immediately sent e-mails to FHI, Forsvars (about the Kongsvinger Veteranssenter) urging everyone to facemask in public. Note my comment under Norway Today’s 15 March 2020 article about King Harald’s excellent speech that we must think about and care for *each other*.

    Erna’s radical lockdown pre-empted – dare I say trumped? 🙂 – everything and the virus, but facemasking should nonetheless have been implemented and enforced as in China.

    And it definitely should be now, with the drastically rising number of cases which may overwhelm Norwegian health care leading to a far higher death rate.

    WHY is the government still dragging its feet and not doing something so obvious? As we (and Britain, which disastrously went the other direction) saw before our lockdown – and *I* certainly don’t want another one, being alone enough as it is – a few days can make a difference.

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