Swedish 22-year-old Makaveli Lindén confesses to murder of Heikki Paltto in Oslo

Makaveli LindénPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB POOL

Murder suspect Makaveli Lindén pleaded guilty to killing Heikki Paltto on October 15, 2018, when the trial started in Oslo District Court on Monday.

“Yes. I’ve done it,” Lindén said when asked if he pleaded guilty to the murder charge.

The 22-year-old Swede has also previously admitted to the murder on the morning of the day he stabbed 24-year-old Heikki Bjørklund Paltto in an Arbos gate apartment on Majorstuen in Oslo.

Stabbed 45 times

According to the indictment, Paltto was stabbed 45 times in the head, neck, and upper body, which led to his death.

He also pleaded guilty to robbing a man with a knife shortly before the murder.

Lindén’s lawyer Øystein Storrvik emphasized that Lindén admitted to the facts but that he does not admit guilt because they believe he was psychotic at the time of the crime.

Lindén: I feel remorse every day

Heikki Paltto’s mother also testified in court on Monday. She explained that she had a hard time after the murder of her son.

“When I see the accused today, I think with all my heart that he is a vicious person,” his mother said.

Lindén also spoke in front of the court on Monday morning.

“I cry inside me when I hear Heikki’s mother. I feel remorse every day. I’m very sorry,” Lindén said.

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