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Terraced house in Namsos on fire – big risk of spreading

Firetruck, Fire, Bergen, municipal housing, apartment block, Terraced house, gym, Mo i Rana Hole EidfjordIllustration.Firetruck.Photo: Flickr


Terraced house in the residential area Foss Brenna is burning, two already burned to the ground

A terraced house in the residential area Foss Brenna in Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag, is burning. The house is ablaze, and there is great risk of further spreading.


Two Terraced houses burned down to the ground in Namsos – a third is on fire

Two of a total of five townhouses in a townhouse complex in Namsos have burned to the ground. A third is on fire, while the fire department is trying to save the last two.

There is still a danger that the fire will spread to the last two houses and nearby forest, said the 110 exchange in Nord-Trøndelag to NRK.

At present, the fire is not under control.

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