Natural damage for over half a billion in 2019

big floodsFloods. Photo: Jon Eeg / NTB / SCANPIX

Storms and floods caused major devastation in 2019. In total, NOK 551 million was paid out in damages.

Calculations are from Norsk Naturskadepool and Finans Norge. Just in January and February last year, storms in northern Norway led to natural damage of NOK 200 million. Barns, boathouses and other buildings collapsed and roofs suffered major damage.

The largest payments are related to damage after a storm. A total of 6,156 such cases were reported, and the damages are estimated at NOK 358.8 million.

Flooding in Western Norway
Damages from floods are estimated to have cost NOK 110.8 million in damages and for landslides there is talk of NOK 76.9 million.

“It was wet in late summer and autumn. Floods and landslides did a great deal of damage to Western Norway, and landslides hit Jølster especially hard,” writes Finans Norge in their summary of last year.

One person perished in the landslides in Jølster. In addition, a number of houses and gardens received major damage.

The insurance companies want more landslide prevention.

“Not all natural damage can be prevented, but we have seen several examples of good flood and landslide protection being crucial to limiting the damage after floods and landslides,” says Communications Manager Stine Neverdal of Finans Norge.

High payouts
Statistics dating back to 1980 show that payouts for natural damage have been particularly high in recent years, according to Finans Norge.

Six of the ten worst years of natural damage have occurred over the past eight years. The worst natural damage year registered by the Norsk Naturskadepool was 2011. Damage for almost NOK 3 billion was made then.

Last year there were damages for NOK 548.9 million.

Norsk Naturskadepool is a scheme that pays insurance premiums for natural damage. Through the scheme, everyone who has buildings that are insured against fire, are also ensured compensation for landslides, storms, floods, storm floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Finans Norge is responsible for the Norsk Naturskadepool.

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