The police punish those who lot campfires in the Oslo area

MaridalenOslo.Maridalen.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Many people obviously planned to spend the night in the Oslo area forests, police and fire departments had to be sent out to Grefsenkollen night until Good Friday.

The good weather during the Easter holidays enticed many to go on a forest trip on Thursday. Many had obviously intended it to not just be a day trip, but decided to spend the night in the forest in Oslo. But the forest floors are dry and the danger of forest fire is certainly present.

“A little over midnight, we were contacted by the fire service, which had received many concerns regarding fire burning in the woods at Grefsenkollen,” said Operations Manager Vidar Pedersen in the Oslo Police District to NTB.

The operations manager explains that even though the level of forest fire danger is at Yellow, there is a relatively high risk of forest fire. On Twitter night through Friday, Pedersen asked people to pack up.

“There are quite a few people in the forest and probably many who intend to stay overnight,” Pedersen says, adding that the police are walking through and asking people to leave where the needs arise.

– “The main impression is that people behave properly and respect restrictions on social distancing and other contagion measures, but as always otherwise: When alcohol is introduced, the rules often goes out the window,” says Pedersen.

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