Three men sentenced for terrorist connection

Borgarting Lagmannsrett in OsloOSLO 20120413. Borgarting Lagmannsrett in Oslo Foto: Berit Roald / Scanpix
The Court of Appeal have sentenced the three men to prison, for lengths of time ranging  four years and nine months down to eight months for having supported and fought for  IS in Syria.
Two of the convicted men, a 29-year-old Norwegian Albanian man and a 31-year-old Norwegian-Somalian man, are convicted of having fought with weapons for the extremist group IS in Syria. The third Person, a 26-year-old Norwegian Albanian man is convicted of attempting to send military apparel, clothing and equipment to a brother who fought for IS in Syria.
The three men were sentenced respectively to four years and six months, four years and nine months and eight months in prison.
It is the first time the court in Norway has taken a position in a case concerning the ban on participating in and supporting a terrorist organization. The new section 147 d in the Penal Code, which was introduced in summer 2013, says that you can be punished with up to six years’ imprisonment if you “form, participate in, recruit members or provide financial or other material support to a terrorist organization.”
The three men were convicted in Oslo District Court in May last year, respectively four years and nine months, four years and three months and seven months in prison. The sentences have been made somewhat stricter for two of them while the Court of Appeal has upheld the sentence for 29-year-old.
All three have denied culpability.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today

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  1. Get rid of all Somalis and other refugees and others from same religion and make Norway a heaven again… I fear otherwise Norway will become a Syria or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Somalia in no time …

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