36 events at the train tunnel where a teen died

Railway station rail tunnelLow fence at a railway station. Photo: Steve Long / Unsplash

36 incidents at the train tunnel where a boy (15) died in Oslo

Unauthorized persons have entered the area – or have committed vandalism – at the train tunnel at Filipstad in Oslo where a teenage boy died last week. This has occurred 36 times since 2010.

“During this time period, we have recorded 36 unwanted incidents that include vandalism of the fence or that unauthorized persons have been observed inside the area,” Press Manager of Bane Nor, Thor Erik Skarpen, tells Dagbladet.

Skarpen emphasises that there is a great risk involved entering into train tunnel areas and the like. The high-voltage system in the entire electrified railway network is 15,000 volts. This is to be found in the driveline. the driveline is located five meters above ground level, on the entire railway system, including service tunnels.

“The current will almost always be switched on, even when trains are parked. Climbing on trains and in masts is therefore potentially fatal, no matter wherever on the railway system you are,” Skarpen explains to NTB.

The largest risk is to be hit by a train

The fence at the train tunnel at Filipstad is lower than the regulations of Bane Nor stipulate, writes VG. The fence is a mere 1.08 metres tall. It should have been 70 centimetres taller according to regulations. When asked what Bane Nor has done to prevent such incidents, Skarpen replies that they will return to that answer at a later point in time.

He also emphasises that the greatest risk connected to entering into such a restricted railway area is the imminent danger of being hit by a train.

“Trains are quiet and have a long braking distance. They can, therefore, appear out of nowhere, with no possibility of stopping in time. We, therefore, work a lot with preventing traffic on our tracks, through attitude shaping means as well,” Skarpen emphasizes.

Three teenagers inside the train tunnel

A 15-years-old boy died in the tunnel at Filipstad on Sunday afternoon. A boy, of the same age, and a 16-years-old girl are admitted to Haukeland hospital in Bergen, but their injuries are no longer described as life-threatening. Their condition is, however, still termed as being serious. The two boys attend the 10th grade at Ruseløkka school in Oslo. The girl is from Drammen.

In November 2002, a 17-years-old boy died in a similar accident at a train park in the same district of Oslo, after climbing on top of a stationary train.

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