Whistleblower claims assassin walked freely around Bergen

Illustration. Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media

A presumed assassin linked to the Albanian criminal environment  walked about freely in Bergen without the police intervening, according to a Whistleblower in the Western Police District.

According to NRK news,  the whistleblower sent them a report on how his department, undercover and intelligence services, had received guidelines not to intervene when they receive concrete information about serious drug crimes.

The whistleblower is referred to as a highly trusted employee.
He warned that “an ethnic network of Balkan mafia-like structures have gained a foothold,” and that an assassin affiliated with this environment would be in Bergen.

The police allegedly failed to take action against this individual and also failed to take action based on different, specific information about this environment.

Police Chief Olav Valland says to NRK that the details of the document is part of the investigation that the Norwegian Bureau for Investigation of Police Affairs has initiated.

– We cannot go into details of an ongoing investigation, he says. Police Chief Kaare Songstad would not answer questions related to specific criminal groupings.

He does not however not deny the claim that the police district leadership had laid down provisions not to intervene against serious drug crimes.

– It is true that we have sent the signal that we should limit our caseload, as we were absolutely forced to do so, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today