Tromsdal charged with hiring torpedoes

Business man Christer Tromsdal,Business man Christer Tromsdal, Photo: Morten Holm, NTB Scanpix

Tromsdal charged with hiring torpedoes

Businessman Christer Tromsdal is accused of hiring torpedoes to harm or kill a lay judge in a criminal case against him in 2012.


The police believe that Tromsdal has collaborated with a known gang member in his thirties, indicting both of them for attempting to thwarth justice, under particularly aggravating circumstances, reports VG.

The background is a burglary of a private house in Asker in June 2012. Two masked men broke into the detached house of a married couple armed with a sledge and a baseball bat. The two went after the husband until he retrieved a handgun from the bedside table and aimed it at them. The Police believe the men entered into the wrong house. In the neighboring house, a man who is a qualified expert lay judge lived who was part of a criminal case against Tromsdal, who at the time went before the Oslo District Court.

Should they be sentenced, both Tromsdal and the other indicted man risk up to ten years in prison. Both deny knowledge of the incident and plead not guilty to the charges against them.

Tromsdal’s defender, Mette Yvonne Larsen, says they believe the police have arrested the wrong guy.

– The case is solely based on witnesses who themselves are criminals and, as we perceive, have motive to make false statements. For a year and a half, he has asked to appear in court to explain his views on the matter. That has not been granted by the police, she says.

State Attorney Stein Vale says Tromsdal has explained himself to the police already.

– Due to his demandings relating to reading documents related to the matter, he has chosen not to make any further statements. I suppose he is now willing to explain himself once more, Vale tells VG.


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