Twelve companies granted permission to rent electric scooters in Oslo – they can each rent 667 e-scooters

Electric scootersPhoto: Geir Olsen / NTB

A total of twelve different electric scooter companies have been granted permission to rent out 667 electric scooters each on public land in Oslo Municipality.

The Urban Environment Agency made the decision on Saturday, and the permit is valid from and including September 10, 2021, until and including March 31, 2022.

The following companies got the permit: Ayva, Bird, Dott, Tier, Ryde, ShareBike, Wind, Lime, Bolt, Voi, Bydue, and CATS.

Taxicab AS is the only company that has been rejected. Furthermore, We Mobility AS withdrew its application, Oslo Municipality stated.


According to the local authorities’ plan, the number of electric scooters in Oslo was to be sharply reduced from the turn of the month, but this was postponed until September 10 as several e-scooter companies took the decision to court.

For some time, Oslo had the most scooters per person among big cities in Europe. In addition, there have been reports of many accidents related to electric scooters at night. In July, an average of 13 injured people was treated every single day in relation to accidents with electric scooters.

The Municipality has decided that a maximum of a total of 8,000 electric scooters would be implemented. The companies who took the Municipality to court have been critical both of the maximum and the lack of restriction on the number of e-scooter companies. 

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