We may be at a balance point

Espen NakstadAssistant Health Director Espen Nakstad.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Deputy Health Director Espen Nakstad says the reproduction rate for the Coronavirus is stable at around 1 and believes Norway may be at a balance point.

– “Nobody knows where the boundaries lay. When we look at what has happened in this vast world, it is clear that when people do not follow the rules at all, the number of reproductions goes beyond 1 – people do not keep an adequate distance from one another, they hug each other, go to work if they are sick. Then the virus begins to spread,” Nakstad tells NRK Dagsnytt.

He says the number of reproductions seems to be stable around 1 in Norway, that is, each corona-infected person infects one on average.

– “We are a border country. There are stable numbers, it has not gone down, nor has it gone up, which means that we may be at a balance point right now,” says Nakstad.

He warns Norwegians who are going on holiday abroad that they must deal with the pandemic while traveling. But he will not say what kind of impact foreign travelers will have on the pandemic in Norway.

“Time will tell,” says the assistant director of health.

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