The winter cold snap due to end in southern Norway


The cold spell in southern Norway will slow down, and will be replaced by fairly solid low pressure from the south by the weekend.


“We are still in the aftermath of the extensive disturbance of the polar spine, which gave us an eastern winter. But this week it will ends in southern Norway’’, said meteorologist, Roar Teigen of StormGeo to VG newspaper. But before the cold snap ends,snow is expected in both Eastern and Southern Norway.

“During the week approximately 20 centimetres in could fall in southern and eastern Norway,” said Meteorologist, Beathe Tveita of StormGeo.

For the weekend, a rather powerful storm will arrive on Friday night from the west coast of France. It will weaken here before it pulls north,explained Teigen.

“It will send mild air throughout southern Norway during the weekend, and the beginning of next week. The uncertainty is whether the wind direction will be eastern, which will precipitate as snow, or if it will be southern, which will create more wind.

The Meteorological Institute also reported milder weather in the south.In the north, however, the winter will continue with cold air from the east,but temperatures are still not expected to get colder than the norm.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today