Norwegians believe Viking surprises

Viking FootballThe home crowd stormed the pitch after Viking secured a return to the top division after one year on the second level. A packed Viking stadium served as the 12th player. Photo: Viking FK

Norwegians believe Viking surprises and Brann disappoints

Most Norwegians believe that Brann will be the largest disappointment of the year in the top division of football (Eliteserien), according to a poll. Just as many, believe that Viking will be this year’s biggest positive surprise.

This emerges from a new nationwide survey conducted by the analysis agency Opinion on behalf of Unibet. The analysis agency asked a nationally representative selection of Norwegians about their relationship with Norwegian top football and their predictions for the upcoming season.

“Among the respondents, Brann is clearly on top as this year’s disappointment,” PR Manager of Unibet Norway, Steffen Løvholen, informs.

“Brann has been much up and down in recent seasons, and after a very strong season last year, it may not be surprising that they disappoint this year. Brann is, however, tipped as the biggest positive surprise of those who live in that area of Western Norway, so the dream of the «gold coming home to Bergen» is alive and kicking in the home county,” Løvholen explains.

On a nationwide basis, Viking from Stavanger is tipped as the most positive surprise.

“We see that everyone has their local favourites in each region. Over the years the survey shows that Viking is the team that most people believe will be the biggest positive surprise this season. This in contrast to the sports betting companies, where Brann is a medal favourite, while Viking is a clear relegation candidate,” Løvholen concludes. 

Results, Unibet’s top series survey

Who will be this season’s biggest disappointment?

  • Brann – 11%
  • Vålerenga – 9%
  • Rosenborg – 8%
  • Molde – 7%
  • Ranheim – 6%
  • Sarpsborg 08 – 5%
  • Lillestrøm – 5%
  • Odd – 5%

Who will be this season’s biggest positive surprise?

  • Viking – 11%
  • Ranheim – 10%
  • Brann – 9%
  • Vålerenga – 8%
  • Sarpsborg 08 – 6%
  • Mjøndalen – 6%
  • Haugesund – 5%
  • Molde – 5%

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