Will give Germany problems at Ullevaal

Goalkeeper Ørjan NylandGoalkeeper Ørjan Nyland.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Football: Norway pros will not let Germany’s Joachim Löws men  expectations that they just has to meet up to get the points in the World Cup qualifications game at Ullevaal Sunday evening.

-In the Club I got told that we should be happy if we lose by less than 6-0. They expect a easy victory, “said Nuremberg player Even Hovland to news agency NTB.

He is one of six players in Norway’s squad that lives everyday life in Germany. For them it means Sunday’s game maybe even more important than for the others not residing there.

-it will be extra special to meet them. We have been talking about this match for a long time, and the Germans think the match will be “a walk in the park”. It makes it extra fun and motivating for us to try to disprove it, “said Ørjan Nyland to NTB.

Instead of a walk in the Park, he will give the Germans a steep mountain to climb.

“We need to give a top effort from all men, from the one standing in the back to the one that is going to be at the front and trying to score a goal. We have to do a big effort, like when we almost beat Italy last year, and against Belgium in the spring, we need to keep up to the last quarter also and shut down the game again, “he said.

Overrun or underestimation

-It is clear that the Germans would expect three points. I don’t know how the players are thinking, but the fans at least think that they are going to run over us, “said Hovland.

Outwardly Löw’s players come with correct statements that they take Norway seriously and expects a tough match. Can we believe in it, or is there a hope of them underestimating us?

-Basically I think they estimate that there will be victory, but anything is possible in football. We need to have a good day, and play Germany to the normal standard, but it’s just  an effort, “said Hovland.

-Of course it’s inspiring to measure themselves against the world champions, and all will work very hard to be freshest and fastest possible in the morning.

Among them is the national team captain Per Ciljan Skjelbred. While Hertha Berlin has hamstring problems he is excited about the game.

-This is a game I’ve been looking forward to a long time. Until Sunday I am going to do everything I can to be healthy, “he said.

-I’m really looking forward to play against Germany. It will be extra nice in that I know that the management and the players going to Greuther Fürth plan to follow through on the fight, “said Veton Berisha.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today