Mayor of Lofoten will take charge of the tourists

Lofoten: Midnight SunLofoten: Midnight Sun on the beach.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX (FRB)

Tourists are parking in wrong locations and fill up the bins. Now the mayor of Flakstad municipality in Lofoten charge from the visitors.

Lofoten is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Tourists are coming and spend more money in cash for accommodation and retail but also some challenges for municipalities and citizens.

– It was hard to believe the number of tourists before I see it with my own eyes, said Flakstad Mayor Hans Fredrik Sørdal (Ap) to newspaper Nordlys. The mayor pointed out that he himself saw 70 tents in Kvalvika few days ago.

Previously municipality were empting the bins in popular areas once a week and now they must be emptied daily which costs more money for the municipality.

The mayor would like this to be directly paid per hiker but looking rather for a solution with the parking fee. The aim is to put in place a parking solution by next summer.
He wants the revenue from such a tax should accrue to the citizens through various public health measures.

Thursday evening notified police of widespread illegal parking around Fredvang in Flakstad Municipality. The mayor was then also in contact with the police. Police warned that Friday will be on site to write charges.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today