New passports and new passport rules

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

The Police Directorate are currently preparing the introduction of new passports in Norway. Many things will be different from today.


The passport you have is valid until the expiry date. However, be aware that many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after your return journey.

Also be aware that if you leave the airport’s transit area on your way to your destination, your passport must be valid in the country in which you are staying. Therefore, check if there are any rules in Norway that differ from those at your destination.

Price changes

‘As regards the price of new passports, and any changes to the rules, these decisions will made by the Ministry of Justice,’ said Unni Norum, Senior Advisor to the Police Directorate.

IN 2014, Neue Design Studio won the design contest for the new Norwegian passport. It includes Norwegian fjords and mountains, the northern lights, and elements of Norwegian nature on the various pages inside the actual passport.

The Police Directorate confirmed that the new passport will be a new colour. However, for the time being, they wouldn’t elaborate on that.

The burgundy passport will probably be more clearly red than before. The immigrant passports are proposed to have white covers, while diplomats passports will be green on the front and back.

‘We are planning to introduce the new passports by the end of 2018. This will happen at the same time as the introduction of new national ID cards. It will be possible to order both the ID cards and the passport at the same time,’ said Unni Norum.

Will the new passports be safer than those we have today?

‘There is already good security within the passports we have now, including biometrics, facial photos, and fingerprints, which are stored on an electronic chip in the passport, said the senior advisor.

When should you order?

‘If your passport doesn’t expire until 2019, you should wait for the new passports before you book again. Whether you want to book again already in the spring to avoid the long summer booking queues will be up to the individual to decide. You must order a new passport.

You will be able to book an electronic timetable, but the passport applicant must go in person to the passport office and have valid ID,’ said Unni Norum.

The passport rules are clear that you must submit, or have shredded, the old passport before you receive a new one.

There will be no price increase for passports before the new passports are introduced. This means that you will still pay NOK 450 for persons over 16 years old, and NOK 270 for children under 16 if you order a new passport now. You can pay in cash or by bank card, but not by credit card.

Name changes could mean trouble

‘If you have changed your name, or are going to, then it’s important to take care. You can’t enter a different name in your passport than what is entered in the population register. You can create such a change of name electronically.

Therefore, you must first register the name change there, at the population register, and then apply for a passport when the name change has been granted.

Remember to book travel and flights using the same name as is on your passport, otherwise you could have big problems at the terminals.

Some low cost airlines require you to pay for a new ticket or pay a large name change charge.

A passport is only valid so long as the owner can be recognised from the picture, and as long as the passport is unchanged, and undamaged.

Passports of persons over 16 years old are valid for 10 years. The validity time of passports for persons under the age of 16 are 2 years for those between 0 and 5 years, 3 years for children between 5 and 10, and 5 years for young people between the ages of 10 and 16.



Source: Dagbladet / Norway Today


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