New survey: Trollstigen named one of the top biker destinations for the summer of 2021

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According to, one of the first and longest-running UK comparison sites, formed in 2002, Norway’s Trollstigen (Trolls’ Ladder) is one of the top 5 biker destinations for the summer of 2021.

With travel much more difficult in the past year, outdoor adventures and sporting holidays will likely become more popular.

From hiking, cycling, running, swimming, surfing, sailing, and bouldering – everything you can do outdoors, alone, and in small groups will likely be increasingly popular in the coming summer.

In a new study that compiled the ultimate bucket list of routes and hotspots for the summer of 2021 – which consulted with adventure biker and motorbike enthusiasts – Trollstigen was named the 5th top biker destination.

The majestic Trollstigen

Trollstigen is a mountain road in Norway that connects the towns of Andalsnes and Valldal. It was opened in 1936 after eight years of construction, and each year it must be closed for six months due to the challenging nature of the terrain.

Here’s what the UK comparison site had to say about Trollstigen:

Where does it start and end?

Norwegian County Road 63.

How long is it?

34 miles

Why is it great?

While this route is only 34 miles long, this mountain range isn’t one for the faint-hearted. If you head over to Rauma, you can expect 11 tight hairpin bends, a nine-degree descent, and incredible views from the top.

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