Successful demonstration of Norway’s first driverless truck

AvinorPhoto: Avinor

And fortunately, there was enough snow!


The project started as an innovation project in ‘Avinor’ three years ago.

“The project is, as far as we know, among the first in the world where large machines will drive autonomously, and clear snow at the airports. What we saw during the demonstration exceeded our expectations, and we are very impressed with what our partners, ‘Semcon’ and ‘Øveraasen’ have achieved in our project,”said Avinor’s CEO, Dag Falk-Petersen.

“It is important for Avinor to facilitate innovation. Many tasks in aviation will be resolved differently than today. Avinor wants to test autonomy, and clearly sees operational advantages, and efficiency gains from new solutions in the field.

At the moment, it is a little early to concretise this, but we must follow the development, and initiate a smart use of technology in order to be a leading airline industry in the future,” added the CEO.

More technology in the future

“Avinor has many talented employees and professionals, and we will use their expertise in the future, but then, in collaboration with new technology,”said Avinor’s Divisional Director, Margrethe Snekkerbakken.

‘Yeti Snow Technology AS’, with Øveraasen and Semcon on the ownership side, have offered a complete delivery for the project up to the pilot test. They affiliated
with partners in both the car and machine supply sectors to gain full access to
existing technology for the vehicles, and will be able to further develop the technology in the future.

Minister for Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, participated in Avinor’s Group Management, as well as representatives from Øveraasen and Semcon at the event on the 19th of March.


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