Verdict on where you can travel


On Friday, the verdict falls on red and green countries

At a press conference on Friday at 12 noon, it will be clear which European countries meet Norwegian infection requirements, and which Norwegians can travel to without quarantine.

The government has announced that the National Institute of Public Health’s list of “red” and “green” countries will be ready by Friday 10 July, and at the press conference at 12 noon, travel advice will be among the topics.

Minister of Justice Monica Mæland (H), Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø (V), Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad and Director of Public Affairs Frode Forland at the National Institute of Public Health will attend the press conference.

The map, which is prepared by FHI, will determine which countries will be exempted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel council from 15 July, which advises against all travel that is not strictly necessary to all countries. So far, the Nordic countries, with the exception of Sweden, are exempt from the Travel Council.

Updated every 14 days
In countries that get the green light, Norwegians can go on holiday and come home again without being quarantined.

The government is also lifting entry restrictions for residents of “green” countries, which means that they can holiday freely in Norway.

The map for the Schengen and EEA area shall be updated every 14 days in line with the development of infection.

Criteria and overall assessment
When the National Institute of Public Health has previously assessed the Nordic countries, they have used three qualitative and three quantitative criteria – one of the criteria is that there should be fewer than 20 infected per 100,000 inhabitants per week in the last 14 days.

In addition to assessing the six criteria, an overall assessment has been made.

On its website, the government writes that these criteria are also used when assessing European countries, but with some adjustments if necessary.

When the government presented this model at a press conference on June 25, Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) said that as it looked right then, Germany was considered green, Portugal as red, and that Spain was gray because FHI lacked good enough data for the country.

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