Whitsun holiday traffic

Oslo Airport is expecting a very busy weekend.Oslo Airport is expecting a very busy weekend.Photo Avinor

As expected, Oslo Airport will be busy for the upcoming Whitsun weekend. Thursday and Friday will be the biggest departure days.

If you travel wearing your ‘bunad’ (Norwegian national dress) on Monday, the 16th of  May and on the 17th of May (Constitution Day), you can use the family lane.

“We will have a lot of travellers and lots of luggage, so we are asking everyone to allow a little extra time to make sure they get off to a good and stress-free start to their Whitsun holiday,” says Head of Communications at Oslo Airport, Joachim Westher Andersen.

Wearing your ‘bunad’?

In keeping with tradition, if you travel wearing your national costume on 16 and 17 May, you can use the family lane through security. This is an extra service we are offering to those who travel in patriotic style, and it proved very popular the last two years.

“It is very charming to see people travel in their bunad, and we think it gives a special and festive 17 May touch at the airport,” says Andersen and adds:

“You are welcome to take your bunad and bunad jewellery with you on the aircraft as hand luggage, but it is a good idea to be prepared before you pass through the security check. Silver brooches, buttons and jewellery will set off the metal detector. Gather all your bunad jewellery in a special bag or jewel case and show it to the security officer when you inform them that you are carrying a bunad in your hand luggage,” says Andersen.

Bunad knives must go in checked-in luggage.

Can you bring cakes in your hand luggage?

Yes, we get that question quite often!

As for cream cakes, travellers cannot take them through the security check since cream is classified as spreadable/liquid.

“Cakes don’t do very well as packed luggage either, so passengers will have to decide how they want to handle the situation. Maybe they could share the cake with other travellers before getting to the security check? Everyone could have a nice little cake party, with lots of people in their national costumes. Now that would be a sight for sore eyes,” says Andersen.

Relax at the airport – become an EarlyBird
It’s important to allow a little extra time when there are more travellers than normal.

“More passengers and a little extra luggage can lead to varying waits both for check-in and the security check. A great many people travel between the hours of 06.00 – 10.00 and 15.00 – 18.00, so it’s a good idea to allow more time than usual. It’s always better to have plenty of time,” says Westher Andersen.

If you register as an EarlyBird, Oslo Airport’s digital travel companion, you will receive useful, relevant information about your trip, as well as special offers for services such as parking, food and beverage.

“Registration is easy. As soon as you are signed up as an EarlyBird, you can receive updated information about your trip, as well as very good prices on selected products and services at Oslo Airport,” says Westher Andersen.

Questions about your visit to Oslo Airport? Our passenger service staff are on the job around the clock. Send us a message via email or post it on our Facebook wall if you are wondering about anything.www.facebook.com/OsloLufthavn

Source: Avinor / Norway Today