We will travel more this year, but do not want to spend more than last year

TravellingTravelling. Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegians are planning holiday trips earlier than before and will travel more than last year. Although, the overall holiday budget will remain stable.

An extensive population study that takes on the tourism industry and the Norwegians’ vacation plans has been conducted.
– Travel desire among most people is increasing, and it is likely to be a good year for both foreign travel and travel in Norway, says Line Endresen Normann, Director of Real Travel Norway.
On average Norwegian households will have a holiday budget of up to 41,850 million this year. It is roughly on par with last year.
– We have seen some fluctuations in your holiday budget in recent years as a result of somewhat more uncertain times in the Norwegian economy. This now appears to have stabilized, says Sverre McSeveny-Åril, director of Real Travel Global.
Togetherness importantly
Nearly two-thirds are planning summer holidays abroad, 30 percent will be in the cabin, while almost as many will stay home, the survey shows.
Seven out of ten state that the purpose of the summer holidays is to spend time with family and friends, and for Norwegians activities are an important part of the holiday.
Hiking and nature experiences are at the top of the activity list, and one in five want to experience music, concerts and festivals. One out of ten want to fish or hunt.
Pending new record
As a Holiday destination, Norway has experienced strong growth over the past three years. Half of hotels and two-thirds of the other accommodation experienced growth in sales in 2016.
All tourism operators expect growth in 2017. Optimism is greatest among actors that welcomes travelers from abroad.
They expect a revenue growth of 9.9 percent. Tourism Operators abroad expects to increase its turnover by 7.7 percent, while restaurants expects sales growth of 4.5 percent this year.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today