International child art at Oslo Airport

Photo: Avinor Oslo Airport

Passengers at Oslo Airport can now enjoy colourful art from The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo.

The exhibitions are a result of a collaboration between Avinor Oslo Airport and the International Museum of Children’s Art.

Presenting more than 100 art works from all over the world, the exhibitions deal with themes such as travels, experiences and destinations. The exhibited work consists of a series of reproductions in large format that can be viewed in the terminal by the Non-Schengen area for arriving/departing passengers, as well as in the passageway to Pier South.

The museum of children’s art is committed to giving children and young people a voice in society.

“Avinor Oslo Airport is an important hub where millions of people of all target groups pass through every year. We firmly believe that art made by children and young people ages 2 to 18, from more than 180 countries, will add colour and help create a pleasant atmosphere”, says the director at the International Museum of Children’s Art, Angela Goldin.

The museum’s long-term goal is to spread respect and understanding for the value of children’s own stories, art and culture and to raise awareness and enthusiasm for children’s cultural expressions and heritage.

“It is our privilege to stage this exhibition from an important cultural institution in Oslo, and we want to give our millions of passengers the opportunity to see it”, says Avinor’s project manager for art, Anne Beate Hovind.

Facts – The International Museum of Children’s Art

The children’s museum was officially opened on 1 October 1986, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been central all along. It has gained a worldwide reputation as a unique institution of art that collects, preserves and presents art made by children and young people (2–18 years). Today, the museum’s unique collection contains more than 200,000 pieces of art from more than 185 countries. The collection has outgrown the current building at Frøen, and larger and more central facilities are being planned. This will turn the museum into a unique international centre of experiences and learning. Home page: The International Museum of Children´s Art


Source: Avinor / Norway Today