NRK met Nynorsk language requirement in 2021

Photo: Norsk Rikskringkasting NRK in Marienlyst with the NRK logo on the flags. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Figures shared by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) show that 25.4% of its content was broadcast in Nynorsk during 2021. This was only the second time in its history that it met this level of Nynorsk language content.

1970 requirement means 25% of NRK’s content must be in Nynorsk

Since 1970, NRK has had a requirement for, at least, a quarter of all its content to be in the Nynorsk language. This was met in 2021 yet the percentage differed between channels. In 2021, NRK2 saw some 32.2% of its content in Nynorsk whilst Nynorsk accounted only for 18.8% of its content.

Karoline Riise Kristiansen, the station’s broadcast language manager told NRK, said she was pleased about meeting the requirement as “it is part of our social mission to strengthen, develop, and use Nynorsk.

Children’s channel shows progress, NRK now takes requirement seriously

Most progress was seen on NRK’s children’s channel, NRK Super, where 28.6% of the content was in Nynorsk. Yet further work is needed to increase the use of Nynorsk on NRK’s websites.

General manager of NRK, Kjartan Helleve, told Kringkastingsringen that though NRK has historically not taken the requirement as seriously “in recent years, however, we have seen a far greater effort, and it is shown in the measurements. I think NRK has taken over the completely unique responsibility they have for media diversity in Norway.”

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